Welcome to my RelaxationX3 web site.

As the name may seem puzzling, here is the explanation. The "x(times)3" because it focuses on three elements of my creative output: my recordings, sheet music and artwork. As to "relaxation," though my music covers a variety of moods and tempos, listeners most often describe it as "relaxing." Pianists know the "relaxing" and often therapeutic benefits of playing piano, so the connection with sheet music should be clear. And finally, my light-hearted and whimsical drawings frequently elicit a "relaxing" smile and even a hearty laugh from viewers. So "relaxationx3" should now make sense.

I hope you will find reviewing my web site a pleasant and "relaxing" experience. The music is free to download. The sheet music and artwork are modestly priced and suitable for gifts as well.  I hope too you will check out special sections like my BIO and TESTIMONIALS.

I appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can reach me at 11flevin@gmail.com. Email addresses and web site references that appear on older videos are no longer valid.


Frank Levin