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Beautiful Vancouver 

Beautiful Vancouver, Historical Note 

Beautiful Vancouver was self-published by the composer, George Brownson in 1952. Nothing seems to have become of the song, and no information is available about the composer or what became of him. 

I found a copy of the work in a pile of old sheet music at Barclay Manor where, once a week, I accompany a seniors sing-a-long group called Heritage Harmonies. While there were problems with the arrangement and some lyrics, I basically liked the song, undertook some editing…

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Jazzy Birthday & Melody for Michael 

Jazzy Birthday

Every pianist at some time has to play Happy Birthday, I prepared this arrangement for those who might like to do something jazzy. An optional five measure Intro is provided to help singers begin on key and in tempo. Feel free to use and share this arrangement freely.

Melody for Michael 

Throughout my career, I have composed a number of "signature pieces" based on the letters of a person's name. 

In my recorded music, Lullaby for Kevin and Melody in C for Glen Lee are two good examples…

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